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    Converter Standalone Agent installation failed : Error Code 1622 - Windows NT4 SP6

    rorkijon Lurker


      After several attempts at virtualising an old Dell PE 1400, running NT4 SP6, with version 3.02.x of VMWware Converter, unsucessfully, I'm now trying version of the standalone converter software - VMware vCenter Converter Standalone.



      With the previous version I could at least get the Agent installed on NT, select the drives (had to break mirrors), and it went through the motions for an hour or so creating the drive space on my local drive but eventually failing.



      With the new version however, I don't even get that far - does anyone know what the error 1622 means?  I can't install V4 directly on NT4 it seems, and maybe that's part of the issue, but I DID read somewhere that it was intended that V4 would allow a hot-clone of NT4.  I don't believe I can get a copy of the Cold P2V CD unless I purchase Virtual Centre.



      I see others have had various issues once they've performed the P2V but I can only HOPE to get that far.



      Hope there's some bright spark here who can help, thanks in advance,