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    Moving Client from Host to another fails (The selected virtual machine is not recognized on this system)

    yannara Enthusiast


      I'm testing VMWare Server 2 (free) on Windows platform. Everything works fine, but I can't move the virtual machine from one host to another. I can't add it to inventory - it givers error:  The cause of this problem may be that the virtual machine's .vmx file is corrupted, or that the virtual machine version is newer than is recognized by the host. You can remove the virtual machine from the inventory if you believe that it is not recoverable



      I've tried 2 different scennarios:



      1. I've copied \Virtual Machines\*.* (all files and folders) from Host A to Host B.



      2. I've first imported datasource from Host A to Host B (shared Virtual Machines - folder of Host A) and tried to import machine from inventory.



      Errror is the same. Host A is Windows Vista, Host B is Windows XP. Client is Win2003.