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    "Permission denied" error when trying to move file on host filesystem using guest software

    cjw296 Lurker

      Hi All,


      Host is Windows XP SP2 32-bit running VMWare Workstation 6.5.1.

      Guest is Ubuntu 8.04 LTS with VMWare Tools installed.


      I have C:\ shared as "Shared Folder" which shows up in the guest at /mnt/hgfs/C/


      I'm trying to do an svn copy using the svn command line client in the guest on a checkout on the host's fs:


      root@desktop:/mnt/hgfs/C/LocalSVN/Customer/configs# svn cp dev1/ staging1

      svn: Can't move 'staging1/.svn/tmp/entries' to 'staging1/.svn/entries': Permission denied


      I can do the exact same operation just fine on the host os in a dos box.


      Any idea what the problem could be?






      PS: From the guest's /etc/fstab:


      1. Beginning of the block added by the VMware software

      .host:/                 /mnt/hgfs               vmhgfs  defaults,ttl=5     0 0

      1. End of the block added by the VMware software