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    RADIUS Server

    VMTN Admin Master
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          Tim F Lurker

          Maybe Im missing something but..  It would be nice if you included the root password as well.

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            alphenit Enthusiast

            You ARE missing something. You should first read the whole page before you start crying. In case you still haven't found it. The password is listed on the right side of the page (listed under Virtual Appliance Account Information!)

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              Tim F Lurker

              I saw the:


              Virtual Appliance Account Information


              Username: fnsadmin

              Password: fishstix


              Appears fnsadmin is just a user account.  I asked for ROOT.   Forgive me for not being familiar with your chosen flavor of linux.. 



              And Im not crying.  Just requesting clarification...  



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                Webs05 Novice


                I guess I need to cry too cause I don't know what to do with just an OVA file.  :_|   



                That was all I had after I unpacked the ZIP. Every other appliance I have ever used has at least came with the VMDK files. Am I missing something?



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                  Tim F Lurker


                  Maybe I can help.  I believe the OVA is kind of like a zipped distribution package of the appliance (Open Source).  You can open it directly into VMWare Workstation, or maybe directly into ESXi.  Another option is to try the free version of Converter.  The ova file has the disk files embeded inside it. 



                  Do me a favor? Post back your results  please.




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                    Webs05 Novice

                    I certainly will Tim and thanks for your response. Hopefully my trials and tribulations can help other fellow nubs like me. 

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                      Webs05 Novice


                      I got it working!! For users with VMware server my steps are as follows:


                      1. Download/install/run VMware vCenter Converter (I also recommend to just install the standalone)

                      2. Click on the icon to "Convert Machine" or go File, New,"Convert Machine"

                      3. In the wizard that pops up, select "Virtual Appliance" and browse to the ".OVA" file. Hit next and next again.

                      4. Choose "VMware Workstation or other VMware virtual machine" from the first drop down.

                      5. For the second drop down choose your VMware product, in my case it was "VMware Server 2.x"

                      6. Browse to your location where you keep your VMs and hit next.

                      7. Edit or change any options you like, I left mine at defaults.

                      8. Then next your way through till it runs. You should be taken back to the main screen and the status will show as "Completed" when it's done.

                      Once done you can add the VM using the server management interface just like any other. As Tim suggested above the OVA file appears to be a package for VMs similar to how ZIP files are used.


                      Thanks for your help Tim!

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                        goxy Novice


                        After installation there is only loopback interface, how to add a network adapter?



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                          Tim F Lurker


                          Thats why I asked for the *_root_ *password.  I wanted to add my nic settings to the appliance.  fnsadmin is not permitted.  I really think this appliance should be removed from availability.  Its in essence..  Totally USELESS without a network adapter.



                          Now you understand what I was talking about earlier?



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                            goxy Novice

                            To create new root password you have to(for me this works):


                            1. On the boot in grub press ESC to enter recovery mode

                            2. In meny select root

                            3.Type passwd to create new password


                            For me this appliance now works, friend of mine help me to add a new nic, I dont know exactly what he is done.


                            I have just setup to get web interface not tested function and how realy works.



                            Yes, and for me is very stange why there is no nic, maybe this appliance is not only for vmware, but for example and xen, and there is no uniqe driver.

                            The OS see nic interface, but can't find driver, maybe it is a bug in this version of Ubuntu, I read something similar, but I'm not sure.

                            If anybody need help I can ask my firend what he is done .



                            BTW. on login page user is administrator and pass is fishstix.

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                              ml198 Lurker

                              There is an easier way to gain root access:


                              1. Login as the user 'fnsadmin' with password 'fishstix'

                              2. Type "sudo su -", followed by the same password again (fishstix) when prompted

                              3. You are now root, and can assign a password to login directly by typing 'passwd' (as goxy mentioned above)


                              The network issue is caused by udev remapping the network interface from eth0 to eth1. The easiest way to fix that is to edit the file /etc/network/interfaces:


                              1. Open the file /etc/network/interfaces using your editor of choice, e.g. vi

                              2. Change all occurrences of 'eth0' to 'eth1'

                              3. (Optional:) Change the static IP settings, or change the line that now reads "iface eth1 inet static" to "iface eth1 inet dhcp" and delete all lines below it.

                              4. Save & quit, then run "ifup eth1" to bring the new interface up

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                                geeksmith Lurker


                                I sent this exact info to the author of the VM in March.  He thanked me and said he'll roll the suggested changes into the next version of the appliance.  I anxiously await the goodies :^)






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                                  peteraus Lurker


                                  To get root access, login as fnsadmin and password fishstix, then type



                                  sudo passwd root



                                  it will ask you for a new password for root, simple enough






                                  In order to activate the network interface, you need to run this command as root





                                  comment out the first line with ETH0 in it, and then in the second line change ETH1 to ETH0

                                  My question for the maker of this appliance is, what is the password to the web interface included, and what are the MySQL database passwords etc



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                                    alianice001 Lurker


                                    Firstly, thanks to the original author. Nice appliance.



                                    To everyone else, have you tried mysql -uroot -pfishstix OR mysql -ufnsadmin -pfishstix ?



                                    Also,  to reset the interfaces, echo "" > /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules






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