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    Which software can I use to monitor multiple VMs?

    chamsters Novice


      hey everyone



      i've got the free vmware server running on 3 machines: a win2k3 server, and 2 centOS servers.  all work beautifully.






      I've been managing them using the web interface (serverip:8333) which is ok. I just got vmware infrastracture client which allows me to connect to one at a time. what software can i use to see all 3 servers and their clients, and run the same options (reports, load etc) as i can on vmware infrastracture client?






      i followed the link to vmware infrastracture but i'm just completely confused. that seems like an entire package, looks like they want me to install all these licensing servers and god knows what on my servers. i just want the desktop client that handles multiple VMware servers. possible?