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    Set Custom MAC Address beyond normal scope?

    Kevin Gao Hot Shot



      I got this VM running Mitel Linux running a Mitel application that has it's MAC address registered with Mitel for licensing proposes.  The Mitel application's password is forgotten and unfortunately the only way to get it back is to reinstall the OS.  I created a new Mitel Linux VM but the licensing software won't let me register since it sees a diffrent MAC address.  I tried to change the second install's MAC address to match the original install's.  Unfortunately it's outside of the 00:50:56:3f:ff:ff range and I'm wondering if there's an easy way to force it to go beyond that?








      PS:  Some of you are probably thinking why not just call Mitel and ask them to reset the MAC address in their records?  Well truth is Mitel doesn't believe in VMware and refuses to support us if we run VMware (F.U.D).