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    VM Citrix question

    khughes Virtuoso


      I know this probably isn't the right place for this question but all the other sections it'll probably get moved to aren't as active.  I'm in the process of expanding the hard drives on our Citrix servers and using converter for it.  Normally use the command line tools for this process but there are multiple partitions on the vmdk file so I wanted to split them up into their own vmdk files and expand them.



      The converstion goes fine and the VM powers back up after the v2v, but I'm getting a driver/service failure popup message at startup.  I'm not making any "major" changes besides the hard drives even then its just making the vmdk files bigger.  Are there other things being changed besides the hard drive and the NIC mac address etc. being changed which would cause a blip in the OS or Citrix system?  Have done a couple v2v's- straight v2v, taking the citrix server out of the domain then v2v'ing it






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