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    Installing ESXi on a EVGA 132-CK-NF78-A1 System

    stargazer7 Novice


      Hello everyone,



      I am trying to get my first ESXi System up and running and I am running into problems,   When I load the ISO from my CD Rom, I get an error saying it was unable to find a valid storage device.



      Below is a list of my computer hardware.


      • Motherboard: EVGA 132-CK-NF78-A1 Bios Rev P06

      • CPU: Intel Q6600 (Quad Core)

      • Memory: 8GB G-Skill

      • Hard Drive: Samsung 1 TB SATA

      • Alt Hard Drive: Maxtor 1.6GB ATA

      • Alt Hard Drive: Pny 8GB Thumb Drive USB

      • Keybord & Mouse: Generic USB

      • Video Card: ATI 7000 (PCI)

      • DVD Rom: Sony 52x ATA

      • DVD Rom:  Samsung SATA


      I have tryed the following drive configurations:


      • SATA Channel 1 Hard Drive - SATA DVD Rom

      • SATA Hard Dive - ATA DVD Rom

      • SATA Channel 5 - ATA DVD Rom

      • SATA Channel 5 - SATA DVD Rom

      • SATA Channel 1 - SATA DVD Rom - USB Drive

      • ATA Master - SATA DVD

      • ATA Master - ATA DVD Slave

      • ATA Master - SATA DVD - USB Drive


      So.... what am I missing?   Please help me.









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