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    Backup Solution

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      Please can someone provide me with a very simple  backup solution that will enable me to backup all Virtual Machines that reside on a NAS that runs Cent/OS.



      All I need to backup is the Virtual Machines as images, so I can use them in a DR scenario.



      I currently haven't got a seperate backup server at the moment.



      Thank you .






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          vmroyale Guru



          I currently haven't got a seperate backup server at the moment.


          Can you clarify this point?  Do you mean you don't have a server that you could run VCB on?  How are you backing up other data now (disk, tape) and how exactly are you doing that?

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            If you have got a tape drive installed on the server, or a tape library. And you have Free Capacity on your SAN Storage, all I can suggest is to create a new lun with decent capacity to a Windows VM, or Physical server, install veeam backup or vRanger Backup and backup all your VMs to this LUN. Then, from this LUN which contains your VMs to a Tape Library stored off-site. Also, your can use VMware VCB, esXpress Backup they are free as well!!



            If you want to enhance your Backup strategy then configure another Backup job to take File-Level backup from your VMs --> to the SAN "LUN" presented to a Windows Server, then to your Tape Drive or Tape Library.



            If your found it useful, please consider giving some points!!



            Best Regards,


            Hussain Al Sayed



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              Here is a free solution that can run backups against VMs running on ESX/ESXi 3.5+ similar to VMware VCB: http://communities.vmware.com/docs/DOC-8760


              If you need a solution for ESX 3.0.x, you may want to use other 3rd party software that has been suggested.




              VMware ESX/ESXi scripts and resources at: http://engineering.ucsb.edu/~duonglt/vmware/

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                ipatelvmware Enthusiast


                HI Currently I am not backing anything up, as it is a new system.



                Also I do not have a server to run VCB on.



                I am looking for an overall solution ie, a backup appliance and methodology to copy accross all vm's say on a monthly basis.












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                  Just to clarify, i do not have a SAN. I am using a NAS box running CentOS operating system.



                  I need to copy accross the Virtua Machines on a monthly basis to a either tape of disk.















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                    vmroyale Guru

                    If you are looking for a backup appliance approach, I would recommend taking a look at esXpress.  It uses virtual backup appliances that leverage the power of your ESX host(s).


                    Good Luck!

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                      Or could try Trilead VMX Explorer and/or Veeam FastSCP. Both have free versions with some limited functionality but great for small environments, which since you say you don't have a SAN then that most likely applies to you. Hope that helps!

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                        Hi Ip,


                        PHD Virtual Backup (www.phdvirtual.com) is built upon the next generation of PHD Virtual's VBA architecture and supports vSphere deployments
                        using ESX and ESXi hypervisors. It has vSphere Client management integration. With the plug-in for vSphere Client, PHD Virtual Backup provides "single pane of glass" management of your virtual machine backup and restore right from the vSphere Client management console.


                        With PHD it allows for reduced storage requirements and optimized network backup with TrueDedupeTM. Source-side deduplication and compression occur before the data leaves the host, reducing the network impact and providing an ideal solution for backup over distributed networks and WAN environments. TrueRestore allows you to restore VM backups with confidence. Data integrity is checked during both the backup and restore processes, ensuring the restored data matches the original.



                        George Fredette