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    APC's PowerChute Network Shutdown FOR VMware

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      First off I'll start off by asking has anyone else tried this or actually made it work?  We have PCNS inside our VM's but now we need to have the APC shutdown the hosts as well.  I tested the 2.2.1 free version on ESX 3.0.2 and it seemed to work fine.






      We purchased (1 test copy) the PowerChute for VMware thinking that they might have slightly modified it so it would run better under ESX... boy was I wrong.  From what I've seen they basically rebranded their free linux network shutdown and said it was for VMware. On top of that they must have put in a kill switch on the free version which allows you to install it but once you try to configure it says VMware isn't supported and kills the configuration.  I think the saddest part is that the free linux version actually installs better and cleaner than the one branded for VMware...






      Some of my gripes - The documentation is the exact same for the free version, they just lumped in VMware to the linux section.  If you actually follow the directions it wont install.  When you gunzip the initial file, it unpacks it and then deletes the .gz file leaving only the .tar version.  Too bad when you go to try to kick off the ./install.sh it returns an error saying that the .gz file is missing.  So once you copy the .gz file back into the directory, it says that you don't have permision to run it, yet I'm in the root account.   So I run a chmod 777 on the file and obviously that gives me the right to run the installation.  Documentation doesn't tell you which area the config file is so you have to semi search for the correct config.sh but once you find that you're able to what seems like configure it, until you try and connect via web browser to it.   Not one of these problems I had with the free Linux version besides the kill switch they put in there to prevent it from being installed on VMware.






      Support on their purchased product hasn't been much better.  First response back was that I should read the documentation and attached the same document that I was following in the first place. They also referenced a KB on how to install the free version of PCNS 2.2.1 on ESX 2.5.3 and 3.0.1, which does absolutly no good considering its telling you how to install .RPM files when they have now changed to .gz and .tar files.  If I actually ever get this thing up and running I'll post a how to, unless someone else was stupid enough to buy this product and actually got it working.





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