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    Inability to enter keyboard chars in VM session whilst Main OS IE (HTTPS) session running.

    td311 Lurker


      Hi to all,



      I am running VM Server 1.08 version on XP Pro SP3 PC.






      Main OS (XP PRO SP3) running IE browser - HTTP webpage can be anything, i.e http://www.vmware.com or http://www.microsoft.com and so on....



      VM XP Pro (SP2) session running with 192Mb Memory allocated, Network set to NAT mode for "split tunnelling" requirements for VPN connectivity, which works fine 100% of time.



      When I start IE browser on the main OS, I can type in characters with no issues when the Main OS IE browser is showing or selecting http:// based webpages. As soon as the MAIN OS IE site changes ot a https:// webpage, I cannot type any keyboard characters within the VM, whether in a DOS prompt, notepad, wordpad etc.... whilst the main OS IE session is running.



      Once I either change to a http:// webpage or click the "back" button in the IE browser to "go back to a http:// site", I can then type in characters from keyboard in the VM session.



      Mouse based clicks, movement, resizing and general mouse functions work fine, in either event.



      Can you provide any information / advice or any areas, options and solution I should be checking to resolve this issue. This would be appreciated.



      Many thanks,