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    weird networking problem

    taylorb Expert


      I've got a weird one.   Starting recently, we cannot access our vmware hosts console connection from any other subnets.    Additionally, all 3 of my linux hosts, cannot traverse subnets, but all 40+ of my windows VMs can.   So all my VMware stuff is in Subnet A.  If I go to another server in Subnet B, I cannot ping or putty, or use the Vmware console on the Vmare hosts.   From Subnet A it works fine.   From Subnet B I CAN access the VC, which is on a windows box in Subnet A.   Of course if I try to remote console a VM, it fails because those are the hosts that cannot be accessed.    I've triple checked Subnet mask and gateway on all machines and DNS is out of way because I am testing with IPs.   We are not doing VLAN taggin on my virtual switched.    I can't think of anything we've changed and honeslty this started happing over the Thanksgiving holiday when the office was closed for 4 days. 



      Any ideas?   Let me know if you need more info.