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    High End Graphics and VDI

    hangloose Novice








      I am looking for a solution to provide High End Graphics (CAD, Molecular viewing) to VDI desktops.



      Are there any special solutions (high end thin client, special streaming protocols,...) availble ?



      Any recommendations ? Experiances ?






      Thanks in advance









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          TomHowarth Guru
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          I suggest you have a Teradici,  as this is about the best you can do today. both RDP and ICA just do not cut it when attempting to run high grade graphics





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          Tom Howarth

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            jreeman Lurker





            You may also want to take a look at pano logic they have a new release available that does not use RDP and was written I believe from a customer requirement (healthcare) who needed to view patient radiograph data. I have used them recently and they render streaming media with no problem but it depends what you mean by high end graphics.  The teradici solution may be the answer if you need true high end graphics.









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              Jae Ellers Master

              HP Remote Graphics bear looking into but are not supported yet.

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                LUCBFT Novice





                I watch a live demo of  HP RGS. It's really impressive !



                I try to test on VM and also on Dell Precision.



                Unfortunately, HP RGS is only compliant with HP workstation or VM powered by HP connection broker.



                I stop my research cause I don't like this kind of marketting.









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                  Jae Ellers Master

                  Perhaps you should speak with your VMware reps and schedule a roadmap discussion.  You can ask if RGS is on a future VDI/View roadmap.  Chances are good they'll require an NDA to discuss this.


                  I agree that HP shouldn't tie this to their hardware sales, although it makes sense now for their blade & desktop workstation systems. 


                  There are many such marketing decisions out there.  All the people can do is vote with their budgets.