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    Proper BIOS Settings for ESX 3.5 update 2 +

    jrr001 Hot Shot


      Using IBM Servers and noticed Bios CPU options that I wanted to run by everyone and get some opinions on. Models are IBM Xseries 3950 and HS21 blades.



      If you have opinions I am interested...



      Processor Adjacent Sector Prefetch: enabled (suggestion from IBM redbook is to have enabled)



      Processor Hardware Prefetcher: disabled (suggestion from IBM redbook is to have disabled for ESX 2.x, what are people using for ESX 3.x?)



      Powerexecutive Power Capping: ???? I am thinking disabled...I want the hypervisor making these decisions????



      Processor Performance States: ????? not sure best setting here?



      Enhanced C1 Power State: ??? not sure best setting?



      Processor Execute disable bit: ??? older ESX needed this off...think advised to have on now..but has to be consistent across servers to prevent vmotion problems?