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    Hosting No of VMs

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      I am having  dell poweredge  server, i would like to do capacity planing for this server , what parameters i have to check and which tools i should run on this so i can come to know this server is feasibility  for virtulazation , already i have installed trialware esx server and hosted application for testing purpose. which parameter i should check for this server. cpu utilisation took 500 mhz and memeory utilisation 28mb for only single user operating and it has sql db.



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          I am not sure what you are asking but if you are looking a metric to insure there is no contention for CPU/ time or memory - I would look at the Ready Time graph for the CPU of your VMs available in the VI client - the ready time is a measure of time the VM has to wait to be scheduled - the higher the ready time means more contention - for memory I would to see there is any ballooning activity happening - this is only valid if you have VMware tools installed in the VM -









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            I mean ,  If you are setting up  virtulazation for the existing infrastructure, that time how do u calculate which server is good and how many vms can host and what applications to be run on the virtulazation server. Iam having old infrastructure and that to want to move on virtulazation, before making live just i want to test the server is good enough to host and hosted vm should get good response and performance, b'cause application is haiving backend db and accessing through web url and concurrent user may be at a time 25 to 30.  for this reason how do u check which tools i should use to get accurate infromation.