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    get vmware away from port 80 (or: how to tame proxy-settings in vmware)

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      I've vmware-server installed and vmware-hostd listens on port80 and redirects all incoming http to the MUI on 8333.



      Now I needed to install apache2 to install some low-level monitoring-software on the host-system but it cannot start cause port 80 is used by vmware.



      How can I make vmware listen on port81 instead? or only listen on 8333 in the first place?



      Actually I prefer moving vmware-hostd to a different port than moving apache2 to a different port



      I  found several configfiles, where port 80 is somehow referred, but I dont understand the underlying meaning, so I prefer to ask here before I mess things up.



      /etc/vmware/locations :  reference to HTTP_PROXY



      /etc/vmware/hostd/config.xml : webserver-section



      /etc/vmware/hostd/proxy.xml : httpPort






      My guess would be to change the httpPort in proxy.xml and the maybe related setting in locations. But then the https-port in locations is different to the one in proxy.xml, so I'm not sure what this proxy-settings mean after all.






      thnx a lot






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          By default Vmware Server 2 does not listen on port 80 afaik. If you want to change the configuration then rerun vmware-config.pl and change the port with one of the questions asked.

          Please specify a port for remote connections to use [902]
          Do you want this program to set up permissions for your registered virtual machines? This will be done by setting new permissions on all files found in the "/etc/vmware/vm-list" file. [no]
          Please specify a port for standard http connections to use [8222]
          Please specify a port for secure http (https) connections to use [8333] 



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