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    MAC address range

    scerazy Expert

      Existing W2K SP4 VM, created on ESX 3.0.1 with VC 2

      Not after upgrades it is ESX 3.5.1 & VC 2.5.1


      The original MAC for this VM was 00:50:56:90:33:47


      I had to temporary remove network adapter from this VM


      When I tried to re-add it with manual MAC the original 00:50:56:90:33:47 was NOT accepted, VC claiming that is outside the range


      But it was VC 2.0.2 that created it originally....


      Anybody has explanation?





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          Andy Expert


          I assume they changed the auto create mac address range between versions. Cant remeber seeing that in the release notes though.



          You could edit the virtual machine config .vmx file and put the right MAC in there.






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            scerazy Expert

            Sure I could (same as done in the times when VC did not have any facilty to do it)

            But that is really silly, not even full number version change...



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              Jae Ellers Master


              Was it manual before?  If not, that is your problem.  00:50:56:00:00:00 to 00:50:56:3F:FF:FF is the allowed range of manual macs set thru the vmware config file or VIC.  Your address is outside this range, which is normal for an automatically assigned address.



              You have 2 choices.  Either move to a manual address in the above range or simply use the hardware address setting of the driver in windows or ifconfig in linux to set the desired MAC inside the VM.