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    VMware 6.5 XPguest unable sync Palm

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      host: opensuse 11 64b



      guest: winXP


      upgrade from 6.0.3 to 6.5 using :VMware-Workstation-6.5.0-118166.x86_64.bundle

      Problem: I can not sync the treo 700P using the Palm desktop. Connection usb.



      Description: Under VM 6.0.3  I could sync OK. Occationally I have to try a couple of times or remove and reinsert the treo but the sync windows showed up.



      Today I installed VM 6.5. Installation went wihout any problems. The palm is recognized and it connects. When I try to hot sync the usual events occur: there is  a disconnection then it connects but the little hotsync window does not show up. I tried many times wihout luck. I unchecked the usb 2.O fast connection from the VM/settings and no help. 



      Of course I can go back to 6.0.3 but I love this new version  with the perfect integration into the linux win evironment (kde/compiz-fusion). I appreciate any tips.