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    P2V Failed at 2%

    conskill Lurker


      Hi all,



      I am in desperate need of help. I am trying to convert a Windows 2000 physical machine to a virtual machine. I tried to convert it running VMware converter on my machine as well as the target machine. Dispite what I due, I have not been able to get pass 2 % of the conversion prosess. I have attached the log from the target machine.









      Thank You



      Jason M



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          vmroyale Guru

          Welcome to the forums.


          I have corrected the 2% problem on HP servers before by making sure that the source server was running the latest version of the Support Pack. 


          Good Luck!

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            conskill Lurker


            What version would that be?









            Jason M



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              vmroyale Guru

              What is the physical source server?  Please include the generation (G) information.  Ex: DL380 G5

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                Jae Ellers Master

                Right about here it runs into problems with IO.  Looks like it's timing out getting the file transfers going.



                Got an update from CloneTask::task Waiting for updates from CloneTask::task

                (Re)Start waiting for property updates from CloneTask::task Got an update from BlockLevelVolumeCloning::task CloneTask::task step "Cloning into volume virtVol={computer={99fcc6d6882d50b6a952456891eac13aac3d58},0}" 2% completed

                Waiting for updates from BlockLevelVolumeCloning::task (Re)Start waiting for property updates from BlockLevelVolumeCloning::task

                NfcNetTcpRead: timed out waiting for data

                NfcFssrvrRecv: failed with code = 9

                NfcFssrvr_DiskIo: failed to receive io reply

                DISKLIB-LIB   : RWv failed ioId: #692 (290) (34) .

                Error 290 writing to the destination volume

                BlockLevelVolumeCloning::task: Image processing task has failed with PlatformError fault: 290 BlockLevelVolumeCloning::task: SetState to error

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                  conskill Lurker

                  This is a Compaq Proliant DL360

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                    vmroyale Guru

                    You will want to go to this page at HP's website.  There are links for the Support Pack and you should definitely grab the Firmware Maintenance CD as well.  These two updates should hopefully resolve the hangup you are seeing with conversion.  I suspect it is a storage controller issue, but am not 100% certain.


                    Also, once you complete the P2V you will want to immediately uninstall all of the HP/Compaq agents and management software.  Check this posting over at the HP forums for info on how to clean up everything.



                    Good Luck!