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    Arrow keys not working in Player v2.5 64bits,  host=Ubuntu 8.10 64bits, Guest = XP pro 32bits

    AlexPX Novice


      My XP (32 bits) VM that works perfectly in VMware Workstation 6.5 (XP host) but now it has the following issues now that I moved it to a fresh new install of:



      - Host = Ubuntu 8.10 64 bits,



      - VMware Player 2.5.0 build-118166 AMD64, (downloaded the Bundle file)



      - Vmware Tools 2.0.0 build 116503






      None of the standard arrow keys work, neither does Home, PageUp, PageDn, End or Delete, inside the VM. However, the equivalent keys work in the numeric pad with Num Lock on.



      The Arrow Down key even displays the Windows Start Menu, so it's behaving like the Windows key (that is between left-ctrl and left-alt).



      The Windows key, however, does nothing.  All other keys seem fine, like F1..F12, backspace, tab, shift, etc.



      The keys that don't work inside the VM work normally in the host OS, both OS and VM are set for English and British layout.


      As a programmer, it indicates to me that there is a problem mapping the double key-stroke of those specific functions from the host to the guest, maybe because it's a 64 to 32 bits conversion bug? or a Ubuntu to Windows conversion bug?

      If someone from VMware is reading this, please pass this information to the testing or development team .



      Any suggestions?



      Is there a more recent VMware tools available? If yes, where can I get it from?



      Thanks for any help,


















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