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    Resize Netapp Volume

    ablej Hot Shot

      Is it possible to resize a netapp volume that currently has LUN's with VMFS volumes. Is there any risk involved in this?





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          mcowger Champion


          If you resize it, you wont be able to see the increased size from within your hosts without reformatting those LUNs.




          Better to add a second LUN/VMFS.  If thats not possible, add a second LUN and make it an extent of the first VMFS.







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            ablej Hot Shot

            I was going to resize it to add space so I could create a new LUN. Will this cause any issues?



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              mcowger Champion

              That should be fine, as long as you are carving a new LUN out of that vlume.






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                stvkpln Master

                You should be fine resizing a flexvol on the Filer. I do that regularly.

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                  ericmba Novice



                  A LUN is very different than a volume in that its considered a FILE, not a filesystem. On netapp you can increase both LUN and volume on the fly. however with the LUN only Vsphere can take the increase on the fly. In 3.5 you would have to svmotion out of the LUN, increase it (rescan storage adapter) and svmotion back in again.


                  Given that a LUN is a file that resides in a container (volume) you are free to increase the container/volume  (up to 16TB) and add LUNs

                  as you go along. Obviously adhere to best practices as you go along.


                  I have deleted my previous comment as it was for a different scenario.





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                    savantsingh Hot Shot


                    If you want to present a bigger LUN... clone the existing LUN to a bigger size and present that LUN to the hosts.



                    Otherwise resizing or extending the volumes are the options you have...



                    Hope this helps!!