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    BOF Topics

    keitha Hot Shot


      I am sure we will discuss this in the next session in Nov but I thought it would be good to start selecting some potential topics for our Birds of a Feather discussions. Ones that I could see off the top of my head are;






      -Backup and DR



      -Exchange on VMware



      -Databases on Vmware






      -General Architecture






      If you have other suggestions, want to comment on these suggestions or want to volunteer as an expert in one of these please let Susan and/or Terry know. (I am volunteering for the Backup and DR one if you want me)









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          keitha Hot Shot

          For those that missed the November meeting here was what we voted on for the BOF topics;


          1. Backup

          2. Citrix on VMware

          3. Performance, Benhmarking and Capacity planning

          4. Patching


          For people who are not familiar with BOF (Birds of a feather) sessions, we will basically split up into small groups and share ideas about each of the topics. It is a great way to learn what other folks are doing and what success they are having. We have a moderator assigned to each group to keep the conversation on track and moving. It should be a great session!


          See you in February!



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            MacNoo Enthusiast





            New to Fusion and just wondering if there is a mailing list I can sign up to to get notice of meetings or should I just check this website from time to time?