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    Hyper-V vs. VMware network world magazine article--Irony included

    williambishop Master

      So, I'm reading an article title Vmware edges Microsoft in performance test(pg 42).(network world magazine)






      I've seen ton's of spewage lately stating that microsoft's hyper-v is comparable, etc....




      I get to page 45. Disk I/O. Oddly enough, almost 2 to 1 performance increase ESX running windows vm's vs. Hyper V. So much for "we build windows, so we'll be able to hook in better and give better performance".




      The article is pretty funny overall, statements like " When over-subscribed(why virtualize else?) Hyper-V SAGS while ESX tries to maintain availability. This pretty much falls in line with our testing where you pass a certain load, esx slows down a bit, Hyper-V....well....it vomits upon itself.




      Earlier, the test was 3 vm's per host...Hyper V gave 90% of native speed, while ESX provided  almost 98%. Of course, strangely, Hyper-v worked better with SLES than windows, hell it was even better than ESX with SLES. Freaky, but true.




      Anyway, a laugh for me, maybe one for you.