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    Backup to Local Datastore?

    telackey Enthusiast

      Is it possible to backup VMs from one local datastore to another on the same host?   That is, if I have a server with two drives, each one configured as a different datastore, can one simply copy the VMs from one to the other to back them up?  Can this be automated?


      All the examples I saw were of backing up over NFS to a different host entirely.  That is possible, but not ideal, in this instance.  We may do that as well for virtual machines that are important and need that level of safety, media rotation, offsite etc., but most of the virtual machines in question would be on the "nice not to lose" level not "critical not to lose."

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          Craig Baltzer Expert


          Sure. Lots of options for doing it if you can use an "intermediate" host (i.e. backup to a workstation then restore to another datastore kind of thing) like datastore browser, VCB, Converter, 3rd parties (Quest/Vizioncore, Veeam, "insert your favorite backup vendor here"), etc. For a "datastore to datastore" direct on ESXi a few approaches come to mind (prob. others as well)


          ESXi alone, no VirtualCenter


          Both of these will copy a file from one datastore to another, however they don't do "full VMs" (i.e. all disks, vmx configuration file, etc.) in one operation so you'd need to stitch together a series of these commands to copy all of the individual files that make up a full VM. They also can't copy a running VM. Can be scripted and scheduled using normal OS tools (i.e. create a CMD file with all the needed "vifs" commands and then schedule the CMD file with Windows task scheduler)


          ESXi + VirtualCenter

          • Use VI Client to "Clone" each of the VMs


          This gets you a copy of the whole VM but also registers it in VC which you may not want if its just a backup. Can clone a running VM (VC 2.5u2 or later). No way I know of to schedule