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        mikepodoherty Expert

        I believe so - the new LS42 models will support 128 GB - they are due out any time now.  We've been happy with the LS series so I didn't pay as much attention to the H series blades during the product brief.

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          Rockapot Expert


          IBM BladeCenter with LS41's --> Rock Solid..., will be interested to hear what people have to say regarding Dell equipment as the non blade R905's look good so I am interested in their blade's






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            Hairyman Enthusiast


            The company that i work for has Dell 1955 blades plus a EMC CX3-20 on fibre as well as all Dell servers, we had Compaq before they became HP, we have two 12 month old Cisco rebadged HP servers, one of them has just had both disk drives replaced (mirror). That still took longer than Dell for the parts to arrive !!






            Our Dell stuff just keeps going, their support is excellent. I ring them, tell the person on the other end of the phone what i need and it is generally here the next morning with a technician if required. our old Compaq stuff took days and had to go through the reseller



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              williambishop Master


              It comes down to your support contract. We have IBM on 24x7365. We call, we get a callback in 15 minutes, hot parts can be onsite in as little as an hour(we once had them taxi a part from atlanta to us--at their expense).



              I've only had one bad IBM experience, when we got some guy in India named bob who would not listen as I told him what the problem was, but rather insisted upon going through the procedural(what normally took 2 minutes and a "yes sir, we'll have that right out to you" took all day.  Happily, it was a non-critical. . He was brand new, and after a complaint, we were back to normal after a week, no sign of bob since.



              I like IBM support. My experiences with HP and Dell have never come up to the mark yet.



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