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    Scripted install Question

    kurtwest Enthusiast


      I got a scripted install working that gets the ks.cfg file from a FTP server and then installs using the CD media.  I am now trying to get the install to use the install files off of a HTTP server.  I want to be able to put in the CD, type my command "esx ks=ftp://XX.XX.XX.XX/ks.cfg ksdevice=eth0", have it start the install, I would then pull the CD out and go to the next server and kick off another install.  I put the url --url http://XX.XX.XX.XX/sgdeploy/esx35 in the ks.cfg file.  However, when it tries to pull the netstg2.img file from the HTTP server I get an error stating "Unable to retrieve http://XX.XX.XX.XX//sgdeploy/esx35//VMware/base/netstg2.img.  For some reason it puts double "//" after the IP address of the FTP server and after the esx35.  I don't know why it is doing that.  Does it have something to do with the "/" being directly after a number?  How can I stop this from happening or is there a better way I can do this.