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    Server 2 RC2 Dedicate Network Adapters

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      I have single physical server with 3 NICs. I want the host and 2 VMs each to use their own physical nic. The problem is I set the IP statically inside the VM but when running an ipconfig on the the IP addresses are different. Using Virtual NEtwork Editor I removed Automatically choose an available network adapter to bridge and assigned VMnet2 to a physical adapter and VMnet5 to a physical adapter. I edited the VM and set it that VMNet. ANy assistance is greatly appreciated. THe host is a DC and I don't it's NIC to be used for anything but the host and each VM nic for that vm. If a vm nic was unplugged then only that vm would loss connectivity. Thanks in advance.

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          gl3n Novice

          It seems difficult to get responses on here. I would think this is a common question. Using a server with multiple nics than dedicate a nic to a VM. I want a vm to use the same NIC each time and have a static address for it. I tried removing the protocols as suggested but the NIC will not work in the VM after this. I have a VMnet dedicated to each nic and the VM will use that nic but IPconfig on the host and the VM has a dhcp address assigned to this nic, ipconfig in the VM and it has the static.


          Thanks in advance.

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            guyrleech Virtuoso


            So have you created three separate bridged network adapters in VMware (via vmnetcfg.exe) and assigned each of them to one of your three physical NICs (with automatic bridging disabled)? Then each VM needs a single NIC which needs to be one of the these three bridged adapters. Assign the IP addresses for them in the guest as usual and you should be good to go.



            In the attached screenshot, vmnet0 and vmnet4 are the bridged adapters so you will assign vmnet0 to the NIC in one VM, vmnet4 in another VM and so on.



            If you've done all this, post an ipconfig /all from the host and from each guest and screenshots of the tabs in the VMware network editor.









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              gl3n Novice

              Thanks for the response. I already go it to work by basically not doing anything differently except using 2.0.0-116503 instead of 2.0.0-110949. After upgrading I deleted the vnet mappings and recreated them. removed all protocols from the guest NICs (because upgrading added them back) except vmware bridge and removed the bridge from the host NIC. Now it seems to be working. ipconfig is displaying the correct information in the guest and the host is not displaying anything except the nic assigned to it.



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                Glad you got it going. Because it doesn't create pseudo NICs in the host for bridged adapters, you won't see anything in an ipconfig on the host for them, only for host-only and NAT adapters.