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    Delay VM power-up until SAN is ready after power loss

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      I'm trying to work out how to delay VMs starting up after a major power failure.  We recently had a power cut which lasted longer than our UPS could support so our SAN and the ESX hosts lost power.  When the power came back on all of the hardware came back online correctly but the SAN took longer to become ready than the ESX hosts (as would be expected).  As soon as the hosts were ready, HA tried to start some hosts but the SAN wasn't ready so it didn't work.  Obviously we'll get onto site as soon as possible in this situation to do some things manually but it'd be nice if it recovered as much as possible on its own.



      I know how to change the priority of when the servers should be switched back on (Cluster > Settings > HA > VM Options) but this is only relative to the other VM selections in the list so if you put them all to Low they will still come on as fast as if you'd put them all to High.  What I'm after is a feature that tells HA to wait a futher 5 mins after the host is ready before starting any VMs because other supporting infrastructure might not be ready yet  I guess the "other supporting infrastructure" could apply to all sorts of bits like network switches and WAN links etc (although they're unlikely to take as long as the host to come back online).



      I'm aware this feature might not exist and this might be impossible but I thought it was worth asking.