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    VLAN support

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      I have a Linux Debian 4 r4a (kernel 2.6.18-6-686-bigmem) Host OS running Server 2.0 RC2. I know that's not on the list of host OSs, but I'm more familiar with it than Ubuntu and it has run many other demanding tasks under Server 2.0 RC2 so far.


      There are 3 network interfaces one to be used as the management interface, the others for virtual servers. I also wish to have high availability so I've bonded the remaining adapters with mode=802.3ad miimon=100 downdelay=200 updelay=200 and configured the switch appropriately. The virtual servers will need more than two bridged networks so I've created vlan interfaces on the bonded adapter. I've used the iproute2 and vlan packages because the /etc/network/interfaces file hasn't worked and the vlans don't appear when I run ifconfig. If I assign an IP address to a vlan interface, and shut down the management interface, I can ping the network and external hosts can ping the vlan interface. vmware-config.pl can create the required vmnet interfaces on the vlan interfaces and they show up within Infrustructure Web Access.


      The problem is both Windows Server 2003 and Linux virtual machines have no network access.


      Is there something else required?

      Must ifconfig be able to see the vlan interfaces?