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    Fit for production?

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      I'm in the middle of a home server migration and realized that server 1.0 does not install on fedora core 9.  So figured I should try 2.0 RC2.  Is it fit for production use?  or is there still lot of issues?



      Also how easy is it to upgrade once the final release comes out?  Did they make a real client for it yet, or does one of the existing clients work?



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          Cloud Novice

          My impression is that too many people use these beta and RC products in production environments. As always with test releases, there will be bugs and in some environments even serious problems. But, with some luck, you will not experience any issues worth mentioning. In my humble opinion, one should never use non-stable releases for production use. I always say, a beta release is a toy, not a tool


          Upgrading to the final release should normally be as simple as to uninstall the RC and installing the final. And of course, upgrading the Vmware Tools package within your guests.

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            btone Hot Shot

            Using rc2 as home server - been using server2 since beta, no problems so far except getting used to webui. but you can still use the vi client. (not with rc2 but hopefully with the final release - editing of vms does not work).


            My host is a ubuntu 8.04.1 server - upgrade from rc1 to rc2 went without any problems - with rc2 support for 8.04.1 was added so no module compilation was needed.

            I hope upgrade from rc2 to final will be as smooth as upgrade to rc2. (I guess final will be out soon**).


            I am unning 4 linux vms (ubuntu jeos, astaro firewall, debian based router, janusvm) and two xp clients. my xp clients are imho slow but this seems to be normal on linux host*


            hope that helps...


            (*) http://communities.vmware.com/thread/167897

            (**) http://communities.vmware.com/thread/168452

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              guyrleech Virtuoso


              Am running RC2 at home on SuSE 10.3 x64 (quad core proc, 8GB RAM) where I typically have around 8-10 VMs running and all perform very well (including XP that I use constantly) although have tweaked the OS slightly. Host also runs OpenVPN and does media sharing yet performs very well. Very few problems and up time has been excellent. VI Client works fine except for editing settings of VMs where hardware versions greater than 4 (hint: don't upgrade them if you don't need to) and it won't handle plug/unplug of USB devices.



              It's better than some company's release products although I did have sufficient problems with it in the beta stage to abandon it until RC1. Upgrade from RC1 to RC2 was very simple and quick with very little downtime of VMs so hopefully RC2 to release (or RC3??) will be the same.



              Go for it!






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                Red Squirrel Enthusiast


                Yeah think I'll give it a shot.  I'm always a "wait to try" type person (ex: I have yet to touch SP3 for xp, or Vista itself for that matter) but in my current situation it's either no VMware at all or beta vmware (assuming it installs) since 1.0 wont install on my new FC9 server without some major/weird tweaks which I'm hoping to avoid.



                Come to think of it, VMware is one of the few companies I trust enough to do this with.  I've never had VMware server crash on me, at all, in a situation where it was it's fault.  I had crashes, but they were related to stuff out of it's control (such as the VM HDD dying while it's live, no raid - that was fun. :P)



                So yeah I'll give it a shot and see.  How easy is it to port VMware 1.0 VMs to 2.0?  Will VMware converter do the trick?



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                  Vmware Converter is for "converting" physical boxes into virtual machines. Vmware Server 2 is able to run your Vmware Server 1.x VMs without upgrading them, but you will not be able to take advantage of all the new features of Vmware Server 2 if you don't. They can be upgraded from the web UI.