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    How to manually remove VMware??

    Naki Enthusiast


      After a System Restore, VMware stopped working, showing an error about FIPS.



      I tried to reinstall it, and it said it needed to uninstall first. It could not uninstall, and rolled back the uninstall.



      So I zapped it with msizap.exe/Windows Install Clean Up tool, which removes all traces in Registry, but leaves the installation files intact.

      I also tried moving the installation files to another folder, which didn't help.



      Now, when I try to reinstall VMware Workstation, it says it is already installed, so I can't reinstall. It says I need to remove it from Add or Remove Programs, then try again.

      How do I uninstall it completely manually? What do I erase in the Registry? What do I do after that?

      Note that VMware already does NOT appear in Control Panel ---> Add or Remove Programs.

      Version of VMware Workstation was 6.0.4. Windows is WinXP Pro SP3. HELP!!