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    Beta2 RC2 @ SLES10 - so far so good. Few caveats

    aroudnev Enthusiast


      Installed ontop SLES10 SP2 x86_64, tested, and used to prepare standard library images for VMware ESX (could not run ESX because this is storage Linux server).






      So far - so good, except:



      - (1) VM names are broken (workaround is known - stop VM's, edit file manually, start VM's).



      - (2) WEB UI - forget about it and use VC Client which is available from inside web interface or from ESX (last one mustbe upgraded). Maybe web access is usefull for some rare cases, but as we have many ESX and ESXi and VC manage, and VC Client works pretty well, I don't see any single reason in spending time with WEB UI (I tried it, too slow, buggy and not too friendly, esp. web based console). I can image the cases when we need WEB UI (working from Linux console for example) but not too many.



      - (3) /etc/init.d/vm* files. First of all, DO NOT USE SYMLINKS HERE. If you create 3 symlinks to the same script, then linux treat each as a separate service and went crazy when you try to enable-disbale this service. I move all these symlinks to /etc;/init.d/VMWARE directory and (after it) they work well.



      - (4) There is compatibility between Server2 and ESX / ESXi (which is agreat, really great, thing) - but why it isnot documented at all?



      - (5) What is interesrting - you can try to use Server2 as ESX in terma of migration, but old migration tool is not cpompatible somehow with it (pof course you can migrate thru the shared disk, but everything is on place for simple dierct migration as in ESX/ESXi, but... it dont work yet).



      - (6) It could be a great thing if Vmware Infrastructure bundle includes at least 1 Server2 agent license - we discobvered that combination of few ESX/ESXi servers (commercial or free, price is reasonable for ESX and VI) and 1 linux based Server2 is very usefull because there are many things we better can do on Server2 and many which works better on ESX (and they are VM compatible with some minor restrictions).






      So, it is a great thing, and (after we discovered how to use VC client instead of web ui, and upgraded to RC2) it can really replace Server1.



      Alexei Roudnev