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    2.0 Usability and Upgrade Questions

    IT_Architect Hot Shot


      1.  Some software vendors update beta to release, others require a uninstall and reinstall.  How does VMware handle VMware Server when it goes from 2.0 beta to 2.0 release?


      2.  Sometimes the new product, even in beta, exceeds that of the current release.  Is 2.0 just as good as or better than the 1.x server is now?


        • For the last couple days, the links brought me to a 2.0 page, and it didn't say beta anywhere.  I signed up, and got keys, but then when I pressed download, I got an error page.

      I sent the webmaster an email a couple days ago about the situation.  I never heard back.  This morning it was 2.0, but now when I go to the VMware Server page, it's back at version 1.