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    ESX Server tools

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      Hi Friends,



      Which are the tools monitor the esx server  like performance, cpu, memory, i/o device and security and any other third party tools are available pls let me know the names of the tools and also for virtual center server . I would be very greatful ...






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          Virtual Cenetr will allow you to monitor the performance of your ESX host - also the major management tools (Openview, Tivoli, Unicenter, Insight Manager, etc)  all have developed ESX agents for monitoring your V-3 environment and then aare tools like vCharter form visioncore - depends all what you are looking

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            You can use this website it lists all available 3rd party tools for managing ESX environment.  It is very good and complete list both free/license.



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              jonhall Expert

              VirtualCenter is a good tool.  Make sure you modify the Statistics level if you can handle the database space, so you can get all the metrics you need to monitor performance.  You can do this in the VirtualCenter Management Configuration section. 


              You can also use esxtop, which can be run from an ESX Server and shows real-time performance statistics.


              Finally, I would recommend checking out B-hive Conductor, which is specifically designed to identify performance issues.  We have acquired this product, and you can go here to get more information:





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