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    Installing ESX 3.5U2 inside VMware server 2.0

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      I recently tried to install an ESX 3.5U2 server on a VM running on VMware server 2.0 (RC2) using the xtravirt document regarding the installation procedures for running ESX 3.5 U2 inside a WS 6.5 beta VM.



      The installation itself went smoothly ,but at the first boot into the ESX the VMKernel failed to load (VMK 538 ,code 0xbad001c ,meaning incompatible CPU).



      Just to make sure it's not an VMware server error , I removed the Server and installed WS 6.5 ,and then followed the whole procedure again ,but still I got the exact same error (I somehow suspect these products has something against the AMD quad-core Barcelona chips).



      Anyway ,my system is built around Tyan S2915-E mobo with 2 x AMD 2344 (1.7 GHZ quad-core cpu , revision A ) running Windows server 2008 x64 +SP1.



      Help would really be appreciated.