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    Performance on VM Hardware Version 4 vs latest (7?)

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      I'm debating whether to stick with 1.x on my new warm spare or to end up where both of our VMWare Servers are running 2.0.  My current testing has kept the VM Hardware Version at 4, since I'm leaning towards an approach which allows me to roll back to 1.x if necessary.



      Is there any win to upgrading the VM's?  Conversely, are there any problems with keeping them on 4 when running under Server 2.0?



      I know about the feature improvements: USB 2.0, hotplug SCSI, 8G guests, paravirtualization, etc.  At the moment, I either have no need for them or am unable to take advantage of them.



      But in the never-ending quest to wring out performance, is there any real advantage (other than paravirtualization, which only helps Linux guests at the moment) to upgrading the VM's?

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          guyrleech Virtuoso


          I've not noticed any performance changes in the few VMs that I upgraded to v7 although I've not done any scientific testing. Anything new stays at v4 and works just fine. These are mostly Windows guests - both server and desktop OSs.



          What I can tell you is that the VI Client won't allow you to edit the settings of v7 VMs so you have to make any changes to these in the WebUI. This has been the deciding factor for me to stay at v4 currently unless someone comes back raving, with proof, of far superior performance and/or density.