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    Cannot load web access page and VIC fails to Connect

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      I am having a bit of an issue with ESX 3.5.  (U2 and vanila)



      I have a configured server with one vSwitch and the SC is configured on with a VLanID of 100,  I can ping the device from various machines both internal and external to the blade chasis and acrross the Cisco 3750 switch, and receive the correct response.  I have pinged with varying sizes of packets all with sucess upto to and including 1468 bytes in size  This works, 



      however when I try to load the Web Access page, I get the certificate response, and when I accept the browser then ponders for about 2 minutes and the page returns with "Page can not load"



      also when trying to attach to the server with the VIC the status goes to connecting and then returns the ubiquitous "the Server did not respond in a timely manner" error.



      I have added the fix vmauthd.server.alwaysProxy = "True" to /etc/vmware/config and rebooted to no avail.


      for me personally the next stage is to introduce the kit to Mr Bat ,  this obviously would not be a career enhancing move



      Tom Howarth

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