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    VCB Snapshot crashed SQL server on GUEST

    jdoz_bw Enthusiast


      This is interesting.  Today at 3:05 PM EST from my VCB ProxyHost I ran a vcbMounter.exe -t fullvm to copy a VM over the SAN.  At the same time the SQL database on the VM guest crashed with the following events from the event log:






      MSSQLSERVER 17053: LogWriter: Operating system error 1784 (The supplied user buffer is not valid for the requested operation encountered)



      MSSQLSERVER 900: The log for database 'BESMgmt' is not available



      MSSQLSERVER 9001: The log for database 'tempdb' is not available






      What is happening here?  I thought a Snapshot quiesces a VM's disk on the SAN and is not supposed to have an effect on the VM guest itself... Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated. 






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