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    license and lock file probs

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      I have a Windows 2003 VM that was in a suspend state when my computer running Ubuntu with VMware Server 1.X died on me.  I've switched to another computer and installed VMware Server 2.0 hoping to be able to get access to my Windows VM.  No such luck.  My user has the proper perms on the vm directory.  There are no lck files, and I copied the license directly from the web page.



      Basically, I'm getting things like ...


      Aug 31 08:45:21.614: vmx| Licensecheck: Invalid license file.
      Aug 31 08:45:21.615: vmx| LICENSE using: '/usr/lib/vmware/licenses/site/license.vs.1.0-00'
      Aug 31 08:45:21.673: vmx| LOG failed to remove stats/stats32-2 failed: No such file or directory
      Aug 31 08:45:24.649: vmx| FILE: WaitForPossession timeout on '/data/vm/windoze_2003/Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition.vmdk.lck/M28385.lck' due to a local process (6914)
      Aug 31 08:45:24.649: vmx| FILE: FileIO_Lock on '/data/vm/windoze_2003/Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition.vmdk' failed: Lock timed out
      Aug 31 08:45:24.649: vmx| DISKLIB-DSCPTR: Couldn't lock descriptor file /data/vm/windoze_2003/Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition.vmdk: Failed to lock the file (4).
      Aug 31 08:45:24.649: vmx| DISKLIB-LINK : "/data/vm/windoze_2003/Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition.vmdk" : failed to open (Failed to lock the file).

      as near as I can figure the license file looks fine ...


      # VMware software license
      StartFields = "Cpt, ProductID, LicenseVersion, LicenseType, Epoch"
      Cpt = "COPYRIGHT (c) VMware, Inc. 1999-2003"
      ProductID = "VMware GSX Server for Linux"
      LicenseVersion = "3.0"
      LicenseType = "Site"
      Epoch = "2003-2-1"
      LicenseEdition = "vmwServer"
      Data = "capacityType=server;enable=vsmp,nas;MaxVcpusPerVm=2;desc=VMware Server;m
      DataHash = "xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx"
      Hash = "xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx"


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