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    Remote console - mouse cursor "stumbles" on the borders

    10nico Enthusiast


      Hi all, I've recently installed RC2 and I'm trying it with some windows VMs.



      I've installed the tools (their setup was somewhat problematic and I had to do it twice before being able to successfully complete) and now I'm trying to control the VM with the remote console (the one which requires the installation of the plugin in the browser).



      The problem is that when I try to cross the boundary of the remote console window, the mouse pointer freezes and I can't control the VM or my pc.



      Also, when I try to transfer the input to the VM, the mouse cursor freezes for about 2 seconds.



      I don't have  this problem while controlling the same VM via the VI Client interface.



      Here's my testbed information:



      HOST -> vmware server rc2 64bit installed via the rpm install on a Centos 5.2 64bit host (HP SFF 7600 P4 3GHz HT , 2.5GB ram , 80GB SATA disk)



      GUEST -> windows xp SP2 + patches + vmware tools



      Hope this helps!









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          nick.couchman Champion

          Check in your Mouse Control Panel and see if the mouse hardware is listed as the VMware mouse driver or the PS/2 Mouse driver.  Someone else had an issue with this in ESXi and the solution was removing the PS/2-based device.

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            10nico Enthusiast


            Thank you, I'll verify and report back to you.









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              10nico Enthusiast


              Hi, I've checked and I do actually have 3 (!!) mouses installed in the VM.



              Here's the picture of it.



              I think that maybe I have all of these mouses because this VM was initially created and installed with virtual HW version 4 and was later upgraded to version 7 virtual HW.



              I'm currently installing another VM starting from the beginning with version 7 virtual HW. (same OS)



              I'll let you know how it goes 






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                10nico Enthusiast


                While I'm installing the guest (thus there aren't any vmware tools installed yet) I noticed that the remote console mouse behavior is quite different.



                I mean that, as you all know from previous VMware "incarnations" (Workstation, Player, Server, ESXi etc etc), uless you installed the Vmware Tools , the mouse cursor is locked into the guest's window, and to release it you need to press CTRL+ALT.



                On the other side, if you installed the tools you could exit the guest's window just by moving your mouse's pointer outside the guest's window.



                With the remote console instead this behavior has become standard even without the tools installed.



                Just an annotation, and please remember that I noticed this behavior only during an XP Pro 32bit install, I don't know if this behavior is present with other guest OSes.



                Thanks for your attention,






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                  10nico Enthusiast


                  Hi again, I've finished installing the guest and I've installed the tools.



                  So far the problem persists , however I've noticed 2 things:



                  - if I switch to the console there is a long pause as previously mentioned, however the pause is almost unnoticeable if I then keep switching on and off the guest's window



                  - the problem seems to be somewhat reduced if I reduce the color depth of the guest's desktop to 16 bits instead of the default 32 bits.



                  If I use the CTRL+G combination the switch seems to be faster.



                  Hope this helps!