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    HP BL465c G5 Problems?

    T3Steve Enthusiast

      I have 20 BL-465-C G2 servers that have been running rock solid for a year on ESX3.02. Not a single hardware problem with these 20.. EVER.


      Our new infrastructure is being built on BL465C G5 w/quad cores and I've had A LOT of hardware failures on the first 7 hosts.

      CDW has replaced 2 of the hosts and one is how randomly rebooting. Nothing fruitful is in the logs..  it's as if the power was pulled.

      I have 2 other hosts that are now offline due to random reboots.  I have not ruled out this new blade enclosure, but wondering if anyone else out there is having problems with the BL465c G5 servers. 


      Is HP being cheap and building these without even testing them? Are we pushing the vendors to build these faster as most IT shops are doing some sort of virtualization and has realized the beneifts of blades.


      - Flyinverted

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          java_cat33 Master


          Nope we haven't had any issues - however ESX is running on 480's. HP Firmware maintenance CD has been updated pretty frequently..... is your firmware level current?



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            aaron.s.andrews Novice

            Did you ever get resolution?

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              sheetsb Hot Shot

              We have had the same problem. Last week HP sent a digital photo of a 4gb memory DIM and asked if we had the same memory. I checked and we did. They sent all new memory for both systems (64gb in all) without explaining why. I have the case numbers for VMware and HP if that would help. It is my interpretation that there may be some bad memory in some of the systems. In the meantime, you might want to compare the memory in your systems to the attached photo.






              Bill S.

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                Anders Gregersen Expert


                I had some nasty problems (PSOD and cpu may be halted) on the DL385G5 (same processor) and it was due to an older firmware when running update 2, so I would recommend verifying that your are running a correct firmware version. Also did you test memory with memtest before putting the blade into production? vmware have a special SMP edition, that you can request from their support.






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                  sheetsb Hot Shot


                  We updated the firmware to the current version suggested by VMware and HP, which was the most current available and the systems still rebooted.  VMware suggested running memtest as well but the system rebooted during the run.






                  Bill S.



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                    Adam_B Novice


                    We're having exactely the same problems with DL 385 G5's with the 4GB DIMMs in the picture! I'll contact HP and attempt to get all the memory replaced (256GB in total!).



                    This has been a problem for weeks now so it's good to hopefully have a possible resolution!



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                      T3Steve Enthusiast

                      Here's a link to a semi-offical statement about that memory.




                      I definitley had this memory in a few blades that had random rebooting issues and the replacement memory fixed the issue.

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                        sheetsb Hot Shot


                        I've been out the last two weeks and just now have time to respond to some of these messages.  HP replaced the memory in the two systems exhibiting the reboot symptom and they have both been up and running for the last two weeks.  I still haven't gotten any official response but it looks like the link you posted hits the nail on the head.






                        Bill S.