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    rc2 vmware-config.pl problems

    woodycollins Enthusiast

      I am running a linux host (cent0s 5.2) and after upgrading from rc1 to rc2. Whenever I run the vmware-config.pl script no matter what I name my vmnet adapters when prompted they get named whatever type of adapter you are trying to configure.  For example:



      vmnet1 bridged eth1 -labeled- 192.168.1.x

      it gets named

      vmnet1 briged eth1 -labeled- bridged



      So in the event I have multiple bridged adapters instead of being something like this:



      vmnet1 bridged eth1 192.168.1.x

      vmnet2 bridged eth2 10.10.10.x

      vmnet3 bridged eth3 1.1.1.x


      it looks like this:


      vmnet1 bridged eth1 bridged

      vmnet2 bridged eth2 bridged (2)

      vmnet3 bridged eth3 bridged (3)


      And is displayed like such on the host under the webui making it very difficult to determin which adapter goes to which vlan I would like the virtual machine to be connected to.


      Now during the actual script when naming the adapters it does not produce any errors, just after select the last "no" option and the scripts begins to write out the configuration changes a message about vmnet0 is used the label "bridged" and the other bridged adapters will be renamed to (2) or (3) and so on occurs.


      This has not happened on this machine on any of the previous beta releases and did not occur in the rc1 release so I am chalking it up to something gone wrong with the rc2 release.  Has anyone else noticed this behaviour?