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    VC as a VM on VMware Server - network config

    mpjames Novice


      Here's what we're trying to do.



      I installed VWware server 2 RC1 on a fresh build of SLES10 SP2 and everything looks good. (I posted elsewhere that the Server's web interface only reports one CPU and mis-reports the amount of free memory - but those aren't show stoppers to me.)



      Now, I want to try running our Virtual Center as a VM on my new host. I'm having trouble getting the VMotion networking configured. On our other VMware hosts, I can see the networking settings for VMotion in the VMkernel. But I don't see anything analogous to VMkernel on the Server RC1 host.



      The simple goal is to allow the VC, running as a VM under Server 2, to control our other VMware hosts, including HA and VMotion.



      Any thoughts?



      Thanks, Mike