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    RC2 Install on Vista Ultimate 64

    Paul Thomas Master


      I've installed RC2 over the top of RC1 and the install went very well.  Following the reboot, all my VMs started, the inventory and users were all set up.



      The hardware version has not changed, but new VMware tools are available.  The install of these went well on XP guests, but do not update on Vista.  They report as requiring an upgrade, but when you click upgrade, nothing happens.  I'm still looking into this. The vista guest did also perform a tidy shutdown on its own following the upgrade, but its not done it again.



      The console works fine with IE7.



      The issue with vmnet1 *& 8 cause windows network discovery to be switched off at every reboot is still present.  I get around this by disabling the two network interfaces as I don't use them.



      I'll continue testing, in particular I'm interested to see if usb devices (tomtom sat nav) will work now.