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    VMware Server 2 RC2 Now Available






      In the spirit of the Olympic games, we are towards the end of our marathon, have just entered the stadium and running the last 400m before the finish line!  (The crowd roars!)



      We are proud to announce the availability for  VMware Server 2 RC2, which should be the final release candidate build before the final production version of VMware Server 2.  The RC2 build primarily incorporates fixes that we have incorporated since RC1 was released on July 1.  So, no new features....... 



      One big fix that we are looking for very quick feedback from our valuable customers is the VMware Remote Console uppgrade for Internet Explorer.   It is an independent installer, so it should be a better experience.  The quicker the feedback, the quicker we can close verification of this issue and start marching towards GA.  So, your invaluable help is requested to expedite testing the upgrade procedure on IE!  Other than, it was fixes to increase stability of the product.  



      In terms of expiration date for this RC2 release, it is Nov 30, 2008.   The GA release, of course, will not have an expiration date.



      Thanks and looking forward to the final 400m sprint!



      Download here












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          Oh, and Firefox 3.0.1 compatibility.  How did I forget that!









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            liquidsun Lurker



            Je suis absent jusqu'au lundi 25 aout 2008.

            Veuillez vous adresser au 0800 800 642.

            Avec mes meilleures salutations.


            Alain Joseph



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              RMSSF Novice


              Hi Azmir,



              First of all, congratulations to the VMware team. I'm too among the crowd watching and roaring at the final 400m.



              About this RC2 release, is it possible to get the list of fixes since the RC1 release? I cant find it in the release notes.









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                We do publish this type of data when major releases address previous product bugs or product bugs are fixed in point releases since the major release.  However, generally, not when products are in beta




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                  captmiddy Enthusiast


                  When does the first RC release expire? When asked before, we got a statement from someone saying that the RC releases don't expire.  I need to get an idea when I must complete the upgrade on my systems because as much as I want to call them non-production, the people using them don't exactly get it.






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                    It was in my original post.  RC expires on Nov 30 200.  Thanks









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                      Sorry got cut off.....Nov 30, 2008

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                        RMSSF Novice

                        I believe captmiddy was asking about RC1, which I think will expire during next month of September.

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                          RC1 expires on Oct 31, 2008

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                            joehecht@code4sale.com Enthusiast


                            Is RC2 a debug build?



                            Thanks in advance,






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                              Not a debug build (RC builds are usually not) but RC2 does expire (end of  Nov 2008)






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                                Techno.Scavenger Novice

                                Hi Guys,


                                I am well aware that cross posting is not a good netiquette but I am getting nowhere. Please pardon me, anyway see below for my post on the other thread:





                                I am running on Windows Server 2008 64bit Standard with 8GB RAM. This is on a Dell 745 machine. Not really server class machine but it does support Intel VT. It is a Core 2 CPU clocking at 1.8 GHz.


                                When I power up my first guest, it is dog slow. Host CPU is on 10% average. Free RAM on host at 6.5GB. But the guest machine is barely usable.


                                Do I have to switch to Linux for the host OS? I would like to but we are a Microsoft shop. My managers hate to see other non-MS products in our environment. In case I have to switch OS for the host, is Ubuntu 8.04 server a good option? I've tried Debian 4 before but I couldn't get time synchronization fixed so I dump it. It is my fault for not really knowing how Debian and VMware 1.0.x works.


                                But I would like to get help, if there are any, on how to fix performance issue on Windows Server 2008 64bit Standard.





                                Other observation:

                                vmware-hostd.exe got memory hard faults at 3,000+ / min

                                Looks like the host OS is swaping to the page file... but I still have 6.5 GB free memory




                                Again, sorry for cross posting.

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                                  Yev.D Lurker


                                  Sorry for this obviously newby question but what will happen to VMware Server 2 RC2 installation after the expiration date (Nov 30, 2008)?

                                  I've read final version should come available within a couple of months but I'm busy with a project I have to bring up within one month.

                                  Is there any chance to start with RC2 (in production) and upgrade it later when final release will be available? Won't RC2 installation stop working on Nov 30, 2008?



                                  Thanks a lot in advance,




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                                    Techno.Scavenger Novice

                                    Hi Guys,


                                    I think I have a temporary solution (maybe permanent solution). Here is what I did. I modified vmx files to include the ff:

                                    MemTrimRate = "0"

                                    sched.mem.pshare.enable = "false"

                                    mainMem.useNamedFile = "false"

                                    ethernet0.virtualDev = "e1000"


                                    Then, I started guest machines one by one. I still have Hard Faults on vmware-hostd.exe... So.... I stopped vmware-hostd.exe in service manager. Viola I can work with my four guest machines.


                                    Now what bothers me is.... or rather my question is:

                                    1) What is the use of vmware-hostd.exe after all the machines are up and running? Hopefully nothing so that I can continue with this work around.

                                    2) It seems to me that vmware-vmrc.exe needs some performance improves as this is the guy that I can see talking to vmware-hostd.exe. Or maybe, vmware-hostd.exe needs to be improved as well.


                                    Just my thoughts... but I have my system now running.




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