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    Next User Group request

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      Thought it's about time I placed something on here after attending the last two events. 



      Although ESX3.5 U2 and the illusive time bomb added some entertainment there were many serious questions asked which brings me onto a comment made by Alaric "If you don't' tell us what you want we can't help" or words to that effect.



      Well as converted on the principles of VI toolkit I was wondering if it would be possible to provide a script center where members could contribute their scripts from basic to advanced, hoping Steve Bruck kindly adds the ones he presented at the last event. 



      I'm personally interested in the means of creating a health check script containing some of the following:



      (Export a host list with any in a status of offline, containing hlogs, snapshots, ntp time status including permit root logon status.  Export a VM List per host, with any VMs showing an alert status of red or listed as unregistered with VMTools status as oldTools.)



      Other areas to delve into are performance stats on CPU/Mem including LUN capacity with thresholds and exporting this to .csv or google chart.  To keep up with security policies how to change bulk root passwords. 



      For the next event possibly someone with VMark experience could give an overview on problems found/overcome as many consolidations now require monitoring and performance suitability evidence before being considered for entry into a virtual environment.



      Let's hope I've not pushed the boat out but got the ball rolling, I'm sure many of us could add or come up with loads more...