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        xanderphillips Lurker


        I'm testing using that script against an ESXi 4.0 test environment and have come across what appears to be an unhandled exeption.  If your vm names contain spaces I don't believe the script handles that.  I had a vm named "New Machine" and it was trying to backup "New/New.vmdk" files...






        I'd fix the script and re-upload, but I don't know how!






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          bobg15 Lurker


          Looking for a way to use vmware-cmd on ESXi.  It doesn't appear to be possible. The only way I've found to script the start\stop of vms is VMRUN.exe on a windows machine.



          Does anyone know if vmware-cmd is possible on ESXi?






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            mkoontz Lurker

            I was given this script by a consultant who then quit the project. I am new to ESX and trying to forge ahead. THat said, I am having trouble with the script on 4 sphere ESXI box. We made a conenction between the boxes, but the script ends on the first check of the variables, saying there are missing parameters. Anybody have any idea what we might be doing wrong?



            @echo off

            SET ESXHOST=

            SET USER= root

            SET PASS= *********



            SET DATASTOREPATH=/vmfs/volumes/GWVS1

            SET SNAPSHOTPATH=/vmfs/volumes/NFS-VMFS01


            cd "c:\program files\vmware\vmware vi remote cli\bin"

            if "%3" == "" (


            echo Missing parameters (hostname username password)


            goto end

            SET ESXHOST=%1

            SET USER=%2

            SET PASS=%3



            echo ESX: %1 (%TIME%)


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              vMariaL Enthusiast

              semura wrote:




              Before installing and moving from VMWare-Server to ESXi i would like to know this.



              The most important thing for me is the backup procedure. On VMWare-Server i only had to shut down the VMs and copy the files located somewhere on the harddisc (i.e. d:\Virtual Machines) to another disk and everything was fine. So now that seems to be different on ESXi.





              Hey Everyone,


              I know that this thread is an old one, however Veeam Backup was mentioned several times, that's why I would like to provide the most recent info on the current situation.


              Veeam FastSCP is not available as a standalone product any more. It's functionality was built-in to another completely free and significantly more powerful tool called Veeam Backup Free Edition.


              Veeam Backup Free is built for virtualization, it supports VMware and Hyper-V and provides a subset of the functionality of the paid edition, enough for day-to-day VM management. Veeam Backup Free can:

              • Create ad-hoc backups of live VMs without the need to power them off (you can store them to tapes, drives, external USB);
              • Migrate live VMs between host and datastores if even vMotion and vStorage Motion aren't available;
              • Manage your VMs (clone, copy, export VMware VMs and more);


              You can download the latest version of free Veeam Backup Free Edition here: http://www.veeam.com/virtual-machine-backup-solution-free.html


              Please let me know if any questions will appear or you will need any assistance.



              Veeam Community Manager

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