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    Dual Booting Win2003 x32 or Ubuntu 8.04 x64 to run the same set of VM's

    mctz Novice


      I would appreciate an opinion on whether this is feasible:



      I currently have a Win2003 32bit Host, with C: as main boot partition, and I have another NTFS primary partition F: with the vmware data store on it.



      What I want to do is install Linux 64bit (Ubuntu 8.04.1) onto an unused primary partition E: so that I can dual boot it.Essentially so that I can drop back to Windows if I have problems. (This is my low-risk 32bit Win to 64bit Linux host migration strategy).



      Then I would install VMWare RC1 for Linux on, mount F: as an NTFS partition, and run the same VM's under VMWare for Linux.



      Would this work? Are the virtual machine definitions the same between the Windows and Linux versions of VMWare?



      Anything else I would have to tweak?