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    How-to Change the SSL Certificates on VMWare Server 2

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      This is a repost from my blog  since it will probably be more useful here.



      Because I hate making SSL exceptions in Firefox, I decided to change the keys.  It was suprisingly simple



      They are located in /etc/vmware/ssl  I replaced mine by using the existing names.  Renaming the originals to .old or something descriptive like that.



      Alternatively, you could edit the hostd/config.xml file and update the values in the <privatekey> and <certificate> attributes and then update /etc/vmware/locations file.  Do a search for "rui".  There are two places to update as well.



      The number following some of the files is the create date in Epoch.  Mine currently does not match and I am able to access the WebUI with out any SSL errors.  I suspect it has to do with the uninstall process.  If the times do not match, the uninstall script will not remove it.



      I found a Unix Epoch converter.