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    URG. HELP needed - ESX 3i in Audit Mode and inoperable

    jalourenco Novice





      After an unsucessfull update of VMware Tools (ESXe350-200807401-O-UG) using VMware VI Remote Cli, I ended up with ESX 3i Server with "no operating system found".



      When trying to repair the ESX 3i installation using the CD, the installation process stated that none previous installation was found or it was damaged, so a new one was installed.



      The ESX 3i server started in "audit mode" without mounting existing partitions where VMware machines reside.



      I need to get (some of) those machines.



      From VI  Infrastructure client I can see the storage (VM-Datastorage-srv003-01), disk device (vmhba2:1:0:1), the location (/vmfs/volumes/4891...). Can see and query also from CLI.



      I don't know hot to "mount" or to make in "Online" and availabe to use it, mostly to export or to backup in order to get Virtual Machines out of this server.



      Could someone, please, help me with this issue?



      This is really urgent.



      Thank you in advance,